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Your greatest love?

Travel! I love to learn and experience new things.

Top of your bucket list?

I don’t have much luck with this… Cage diving with sharks? The sharks didn’t show up! Hangliding off Table Mountain? The wind wasn’t strong enough! That said, I’d love to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Favourite song?

Let’s Dance by David Bowie, Supersonic by Oasis or The Keeper by Bonobo.

A passionate storyteller, Vicky’s first job was writing restaurant reviews for a lifestyle magazine at the age of sixteen. It was here that her enthusiasm for the written word began, and she set her sights on a career in PR and journalism.

Always keen to push herself and broaden her skillset, Vicky has worked in a boutique lifestyle agency in Paris, where pitching in French and translating press releases proved quite the challenge! A variety of agency experience followed, with the highlight being M&C Saatchi – working on clients such as Spotify, Peroni and Paddy Power – as well as in-house PR for luxury British start up Yull Shoes.

After leaving Cardiff University with a distinction in her master’s degree in International Public Relations and Global Communications Management, Vicky headed to the sunny climes of Australia, where she managed the PR for new-release films at Mel Gibson’s company, Icon Film distribution, working the red-carpet premieres and building promotional partnerships.

Whilst working for Australian children’s charity Life Education, Vicky managed partnerships with Bupa and McAfee, and even pioneered a series of cybersafety vodcasts for children.

Returning to the UK, Vicky took up a role in the press office at the University of Gloucestershire, working across events and strategic communications, before commencing her present role at Bloxham PR.